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Welcome May New Members!

By NAIFA-Maryland on 6/1/21 3:01 PM

Welcome new members who joined NAIFA-Maryland this May!

Belonging to your professional association sets you apart from the competition by ascribing to a Code of Ethics, voluntarily investing & participating in a performance-driven networking group, and serving your industry through advocacy and community service.

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NAIFA-Maryland 2021 Legislative Session Summary

By Bryson F. Popham on 4/23/21 10:41 AM

The COVID 19 pandemic caused material changes in the annual session of the Maryland General Assembly, as it has with all aspects of our lives. The volume of legislation was typical, with more than 2,300 bills introduced and a little over 800 passed. All aspects of legislative activity this year, however, were virtual, including conducting legislative business in the House of Delegates from two different locations. The social distancing requirements that continue to impact our daily lives applied equally to our State legislators. It is surprising that the legislature accomplished its work (only the budget bill is required to be passed each year) without a COVID outbreak and with no interruption in its ordinary course of business.


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